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Thistle Funnel 40x250mm / 40x350mm Borosilicate Glass

RM 25.00

Thistle Funnels are used to add liquids to a narrow necked flask or other container. They are usually passed through a bung or clamped in place. They are particularly useful if the liquid addition must be low down in the flask where a funnel or dropping funnel would have too short a stem.


1. Diperbuat daripada kaca borosilikat jenis jernih.

2. Berbentuk lurus.

3. Berdinding tebal.

4. Hujung tisel 40mm.

5. Panjang keseluruhan 250mm - 350mm


1. 40mm x 250mm

2. 40mm x 350mm

3. 40mm x 250mm with Glass Stopcork